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Oleg was really great to work with. He developed the webpage exactly how I envisioned it. Oleg was also very responsive and always made himself available. Whenever we came across website defects or roadblocks, Oleg worked with me to come up with a solution. I would highly recommend Oleg to anyone, he gets the job done perfectly!
Amanda Bernard

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SPA-Cart News (12/24/2022)
I write here about SPA-Cart idea. Future is came. Why not all sites to be Ajaxfied? Look on Google Plus - they are in our days and fully ajaxfied. So here SPA-Cart provides you ability to be same user friendly as most as it can be.

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SPA Cart for building the perfect ecommerce platform (09/26/2014)

When choosing the perfect CMS for building and running a seamless eCommerce platform, many factors come into play. From the speed of your website to its aesthetics, the right CMS tool has to offer a wide range of features that makes your platform user-friendly, visually appealing, and, more importantly, functional.

Although there are many CMS in the market, there are several reasons why some eCommerce website owners choose SPA Cart over others. SPA stands for Single Page Application, and it's a content management system (CMS) with tons of features that help make building and running an eCommerce website easy as pie. No more worrying about slow site speed, page reloading, and a host of other challenges common with other CMS.

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